Bangladesh Kindergarten Association is entirely a nonpolitical, educational social welfare and unprofitable organization. It was identified in another name before. Since this organization is welfare and educational organization, it has been open under the Ministry of Social Welfare of the People Republic of Bangladesh. It is taken the registration of the Ministry. The registration No. S-1028/98 which is formed in another knack of identification. And it is being directed according to valid representative social organization. This is association is formed with respectable teachers and honorable owners.

Some Ideals, Aims and Purposes of Bangladesh Kindergarten Association: Through a beautiful pre-schooling curriculum all kindergartens from play group to KG, from primary to class Eight and primary schools and kindergartens should be taken education in the same syllabus. In order to build strong nation a powerful education system must be established. In this context our association is working for the development powerful nation.

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